Sexual addiction: a psychotherapeutic approach.

Birchard, Thaddeus (2004) Sexual addiction: a psychotherapeutic approach. DProf thesis, Middlesex University.


This research project contains a first proposal, a second proposal, and an examination of the decision to change from the first to the second, and four products of the research. This was an aborted interview-intensive qualitative research initiative with paedophile sexual offenders. The second was the development of a treatment and training programme for sexual addiction. The change from the first to the second was caused by the secondary trauma that followed exposure to the primary trauma of others. The four products principally cover the following subjects: 1] narcissistic damage, sexual addiction and religious behaviour 2] causation issues in sexual abuse in the church 3] researching sensitive and distressing topics 4] treatment and training issues in sexual addiction. The fourth product was preceded by a quantitative research project. The whole of the above is anchored in the story of a personal journey and includes an analysis of the theory of sexual addiction.


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