Therapists as Research-informed Practitioners (TRP)

Bager-Charleson, Sofie (2020) Therapists as Research-informed Practitioners (TRP). Project Report. Metanoia Institute.


There is an increased emphasis on research in the field of counselling and psychotherapy. Previous studies* suggest however a strained relationship between psychotherapy research and psychotherapy practice, with therapists often mentioned at the margins of the research community. The TRP group has developed in response to this critique, focusing on opportunities for psychotherapists and counselling psychologists to develop into confident research practitioners. An overarching aim of the group is to contribute to a deeper understanding of how therapists experience the transition from therapists to researchers. What are the opportunities and obstacles, personally, professionally, and academically? The TRP aims to enhance research training for counsellors, psychotherapists, and counselling psychologists by providing learning and professional development events, supporting research and best-practice
developments, and making policy recommendations to promote effective and sustainable research training for therapists.

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